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Miscrits Shut Down Empty Miscrits Shut Down

Post by Edward Caesar on Fri Mar 31, 2017 8:03 am

Hey all,

I know this is late but sadly, Miscrits shut down.
It's entire database is gone.

miscrits.com is also down.
brokenbulbstudios.com is also down.

All games BBS ever made are shut down abruptly.

Moreover, the owners of BBS have removed CEO of BBS or Worked at Miscrits from their profile.
This is a saddening news.

Though, it is possible that they've sold the entire company to someone and now the company is going a major REVAMP.. We would really hope to see that happen. But it has been almost a month since it Shut Down and there's no news of the game's revival yet. It would be the best if Miscrits is sold to a new active team of devs and it's highly likely that that has happened since Miscrits was an awesome game with an epic mechanism. Any game dev would've wanted to buy it and gain profit from it.

It's been a long journey with Miscrits. It's shocking to know that it's gone.
It maybe shut down forever or may be undergoing a revamp by the new buyers.

Thanks for reading,
Edward (Rikudo),
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Miscrits Shut Down Empty Re: Miscrits Shut Down

Post by FlareXgamer on Thu Apr 06, 2017 12:49 pm

thats sad......
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